Why Are Clitoral Stimulators Popular?

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Many vibrators are designed to be inserted, but there are plenty that can also stimulate your clitoris. Choose from air-pulsing toys that mimic the feel of oral sex, versatile wand toys and compact bullet vibrators with multiple patterns and intensity options.

You can even find clitoral stimulators that tease both your clitoris and G-spot. And some even have two heads so you can get a blended orgasm.

They Increase Sensation

The clitoral area is packed with nerves, making it a highly sensitive and pleasurable spot to target.

When shopping for a clitoral stimulator, experts recommend considering how strong you want the sensation to be (many clit pumps have multiple intensity levels) and whether you prefer a wider shape for diffuse rumbles or a narrow one for targeted vibrations (some have both). You should also consider features that enhance your experience like body-safe materials, intuitive controls, and mobile app connectivity.

They Help Keep Vaginal Juices Flowing

As you know, clitoral stimulation is incredibly intimate and can enhance sexual pleasure for both partners. In fact, a recent study found that clitoral stimulation is more likely to induce orgasm than penetrative sex alone.

As a bonus, regular clitoral stimulation can help keep the clitoris healthy. You can try stimulating the clit with massage oils or self-stimulation tools such as a wand or clitoral suction vibrator.

They Help You Achieve Orgasm

While clit stimulation is key to orgasm, some women also enjoy penetrative sex.

Whether you’re looking to add clitoral stimulation to your masturbation routine or are incorporating it into your partnered play, there are a variety of clitoral vibrators available to choose from.

It’s designed to be used with your hands or a partner’s tongue, and can even be used in doggy position for couples’ play. Just be sure to communicate with your partner, as a combination of mental and physical factors can prevent some women from reaching orgasm, known as anorgasmia.

They Help You Reach Your Sexual Goals

While the clitoral hood and labia are sensitive, pleasurable areas that can also achieve orgasms on their own, many people find that clitoral stimulation helps them reach a more intense sexual orgasm during self-pleasure. This is especially true when used with a partner.

A wide variety of clitoral vibrators are available, including wands and suction toys that can be used on the external vulva.

Other toys, like the sexy egg-shaped Eva, have thin “wings” that slip under the labia for hands-free clitoral stimulation and are perfect for one-on-one play.

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