3 Benefits of Sucking Vibrators

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For those who struggle to achieve orgasms from penetrative sex (or any other kind of clitoral stimulation), clit suckers may offer the relief they’ve been searching for.

Traditional vibrators activate the tip of the iceberg that is your clitoral nerves, but a suction vibrator also stimulates the internal structure of your clitoral hood—the unseen, untouched part underneath! This results in near-instant pleasure waves that can last as long as you want.

They’re Easy to Use

Most people who love clitoral stimulation with fingers or oral sex can get orgasms with regular vibrators, but the best clit suckers have more power and sit in your sweet spot like no other sex toy. They also have extra features to boost pleasure, like sonic pulses or air-pressure waves, that reach deeper into the clit and vulva.

Another cool feature of some clit suckers is that they’re small and discreet enough to take on the go. You can even use them alone or with a partner, but you’ll want to make sure that the nozzle is completely sealed over your clitoral ridge for maximum pleasure. Just remember to use lube, as clit sucking vibrators work best when the nozzle creates a tight seal and doesn’t cause friction or irritation.

They’re Safe

Clit sucking vibrators are a safe pleasure toy for most women, as long as they follow manufacturers’ instructions and are used with a lubricant. Vibrators that are made of body-safe, nonporous materials like silicone and medical-grade plastic are usually more hygienic than those that are made of porous PVC or latex (though it’s always best to clean your toys after each use).

While clit suckers may not be the most versatile or ergonomically designed vibrators on the market, they do offer a safe way to experience external stimulation without introducing any pressure directly onto the clitoris. In fact, if you’re new to sex toys, it’s generally better to start with suction and then work up to vibrations to get the feel for things.

If you are interested in purchasing a clit sucker, recommends looking for one that is made of body-safe silicone or medical-grade silicone and is fully waterproof. This makes it easier to clean and is less likely to harbor bacteria or viruses that can cause infections, especially if you share the toy with other women. In addition to making it easy to clean your new toy, this also ensures that it’ll be able to stand up to intense orgasms!

They’re Fun

Indulge in your inner wild child and get a little more clitoral satisfaction with a sucking vibrator. They’re a fun way to experience orgasm with your partner, and they can be used alone, in group situations, or even during sex without penetration. The suction is gentle enough for beginners, but still intense and satisfying to aficionados. Many clit sucking toys have multiple settings that can be combined to create the most pleasurable experience possible.

Clit sucker vibrators work differently than a standard clitoral stimulator, or a rabbit vibe or wand. These toys create a suction sensation directly over the clitoral ridge that feels a bit like oral sex. Unlike rabbit vibrators that use vibrations to stimulate the clitoral ridge, clit suckers are actually powered by air pulses. These pulses create a unique pressure that feels kind of like love.

While clit sucking toys aren’t the most versatile of pleasure toys (they essentially do one thing), they’re great for anyone who wants to experience a type of orgasm that can’t be replicated by any other toy. Just be sure to find the right fit, and make it easy to clean before and after each use for optimal safety.

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